Zombie Bells Kettlebell workouts combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. Now they also inspire terror.

     As AQ’s old strength-and-conditioning coach used to scream back in the day during preseason workouts: “Train like you’re preparing for the zombie apocalypse!” (Plus additional, unprintable language.) At the time, we thought he was unhinged, but it turns out he might have been onto something. Meet Zombie Bells: Fully functioning kettlebells that feature the hideous visages of four undead workout partners.
     Pictured here is the 54-pounder named Ghostface Thrilla. The other three in the Zombie Bells range tip the scales at 18lb, 36lb and 72lb. This is real workout equipment, forged in iron and perfectly balanced and proportioned for kettlebell swings and lifts. Think you don’t have another rep in you? Stare that zombie in the face and remind him that the living shall prevail.

onnit.com; From $45