• Nicole Jennings with her husband, Greg Jennings of the Minnesota Vikings

Consignment for a Cause Nicole Jennings unites athlete wives, fashion and charity with The Posh Mommy.

    It started right out of Nicole Jennings closet. Nicole and her husband Greg, the two-time Pro Bowl wide receiver, had just welcomed their son to the family—the first boy to accompany their three daughters. “That’s a long time to be pregnant,” Nicole Jennings says laughing.
    With a closet stocked with maternity wear Nicole Jennings didn’t want to go to waste, she began thinking about how she could help someone else. “I thought a lot about how I could help solve someone else’s problem. We’re so fortunate to be in this position. What can we do to help someone else who needs it.”
    That’s how the idea for The Posh Mommy was born. Theposhmommy.com is an online consignment shop that allows people to sell their designer clothing, maternity or otherwise, with a portion of the proceeds going to selected charities. Each month, the company partners with a different charity so that their impact can reach various causes.
    Other wives such as Karen Moyer (wife of former Major league pitcher Jamie Moyer), and Julie Wells (wife of Super Bowl champ Scott Wells) have helped grow the brand to raise awareness of the company’s mission. “Our goal,” Nicole says, “is to bring together more women across the platforms of sports and impact more charities.”
    The site tries to focus on consigning higher-end designer items so that shoppers may get to purchase relatively new items at nearly 70% of the original retail price, while benefitting a good cause.
    “There are a lot of like minded women out there who love fashion and want to give back,” Nicole Jennings says. “We’ve only just begun.”

For more information about how to contribute to The Posh Mommy, visit theposhmommy.com.