Father’s Day Gift Guide Give props to your pops

Weekend Bag by Bally

Rolling bags are for tourists and guys on the disabled list. You're in the big leagues now, and you plan to stay here. Bally’s luxurious chestnut calf leather makes a durable and lightweight weekend bag that says, “I am a professional at life.”


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Gucci Coupé Watch
Gentlemen, start your watches. Thought the new Gucci Coupé collection is inspired by cars that run a bit fast, it still keeps perfect time. The modern interpretation of these vintage sport watches comes in navy, black and silver. 
guccitimeless.com/watches/mens/gucci-coupé; Starting at $1,250

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Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes
On the field, you are judged by your performance. Off the field, you are judged by your shoes. In the poker game of life, the shoe is “the tell” that reveals your style.  With these new black velvet Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, you are all-in.

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Cocco Lave Wallet by Bottega Venetta
If you’re going to pick up the check, at least do it in style. The sleek new Cocco Lave Wallet by Bottega Veneta makes a bold statement at the dinner table. You will finally be happy that someone made your wallet a little lighter for the right reason. 
bottegaveneta.com/us/wallet; $1,210

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Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale
It can be a lifetime journey to find the right scent for you. Ferragamo’s new cologne—with its aquatic freshness—may be a destination.
ferragamo.com/webapp/acquaessenziale; $80


Socks by Thomas Pink
Adventurous socks are for adventurous people. Ditch the solids and show everyone how fun you are.
us.thomaspink.com/mixed-heel-and-toe-socks; $42


Paperweight by Coach
This limited edition baseball by Coach is made from vintage leather baseball gloves. Only 100 were made, so try not to sign it out of habit.
coach.com/online/handbags/-men_heritage-us; $198

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Cufflinks by Roberto Cavalli
A leopard may not be able to change its spots, but these new Roberto Cavalli gold leopard cufflinks will help you upgrade your look.