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The Solace of Sound: a pair of Mo-Fi cans

Size matters. And the amplifier inside your phone, tablet or computer is tiny. Tiny, we say! Sure, you can crank it. Yes, it’s plenty loud. But itty bitty power plus volume leads to distortion and loss of quality. Try this: Connect your phone to your quality amp at home and then to your headphones. It sounds better than headphones to your ears alone. The inherent problem: Who’s going to carry a giant amp around with them? The Mo-Fi headphones from Blue Microphones aims to fix that with its inbuilt, audiophile-grade 240mW amplifier. That added power— combined with the Mo-Fi’s custom-designed, oversized 50mm dynamic drivers—means you’ll be able to run your device at its optimal range for more clarity and accuracy. Or, simply turn everything up to 11 and amp yourself up for game time.; $350

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