Dean Gordon takes the six-string to the next level

“Most guys don’t make their own guitars,” Dean Gordon says. “They make copies of Fenders and Gibsons.” So that’s why the New York native set out to make completely new custom-made designs, the likes of which no one has seen before. “I started out fixing guitars,” Gordon says, “just experimenting with the various parts. It blossomed from that into putting actual guitars together from scratch.” The music world took notice quickly. The uniqueness of the design and the quality of the sound led Keith Urban to snatch up one of Gordon’s original designs. Enthusiasts from around the world, as far as Thailand and Japan began to follow suit. “The idea is to make something each time that has the sound of the classics, but looks and feels completely new,” Gordon says. “It needs to be different, more modern. Every industry has had iconic products, but they move on—cars, clothing, airplanes. You don’t see people driving around cars from the ’50s. Why would you expect the same from a finely-honed musical instrument?”; from $2,175-$7,000

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