Featured image by Getty Images  Some people think of tennis as more of a sport for privileged country-club members. But Danielle Collins certainly didn’t inherit her way into the WTA. Born into a blue-collar family in St. Petersburg, Florida, Collins has

Featured Photograph by AFP or Licensors  For most professional tennis players, the sport is a way for an athlete to see the world. But for Cameron Norrie, the ATP World Tour has been more of a place to call home. Born in

Did you ever dream about doing anything else besides being a tennis player? There was a time when I was in second grade—I was maybe eight years old—and I was working on a paper at school. I had this romantic notion

For nearly a decade, Ryan Harrison has carried the burden of being “the next big thing” in American tennis. But now, he’s figured out how to enjoy the ride. By Eddie Kamber There is no greater weight for an athlete to carry