Photos by Paul Nelson The Moab 240 is more than just an endurance race. It’s a test of how far the human mind can push the body through unconscionable pain. The 238.3 mile course winds through desert, canyons, up and down

You’ve likely heard the saying that life is a marathon, not a sprint. But in many ways, it most resembles a steeplechase race—a never-ending race with hurdles along the way that need to be overcome at top speed without breaking

Deborah McFadden had no idea that when she adopted her daughter Tatyana from a Russian orphanage that she would grow up to become an elite athlete. Tatyana McFadden was born with spinal bifida, a congenital disability that had paralyzed her

Having run over 250 ultramarathons and 100 ultramarathons of 100 miles or more, Catra Corbett knows how to persevere when others want to give up. Now 24 years sober from a methamphetamine addiction, the 53-year-old vegan has inspired countless runners

As an American long-distance runner, Deena Kastor has few peers. She represented Team USA in three Olympic Games, winning the bronze medal for the marathon in 2004. She holds the women’s American marathon record with a time of 2:19:36. She