- For a healthier grilling experience, try to go “bottleless.” This means no bottled seasonings, high-sodium marinades or sugary sauces.  Instead, create a fresh citrus marinade with lemons, limes, oranges, vinegars, fresh herbs and grape seed oil. - Always remember that grill heat

By Chef Robert Irvine I don’t really believe there’s much you can do to substitute for beef. The rich taste, the fat, the way it fills you up—healthy options don’t really replicate that, especially if you’re talking about steak. Burgers, though,

Replenish the special protein missing from your diet I’m always on the lookout for foods that may give my athlete clients an edge, from fighting inflammation to supporting immunity and building muscle. I first stumbled upon pea protein powder, made from

Heavy training and prolonged workouts are both known to suppress the body’s immune system. In addition to leaving athletes more vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections, a weakened immune system can also interfere with exercise recovery, thus increasing injury risk.