Photographs by Anthony Geathers NFL scouts can be a very jaded bunch. Just listen to the coverage of the NFL draft each year, and you will hear talk of offensive linemen with “short arms” and running backs with “high pad levels.”

Photographs by Chad Griffith Styling by Marisa Ellison When you look at an NFL player’s resume and see several teams listed, you might think that player has been clawing his way at every stop to stay in the league. But Marshall Newhouse,

You were a very good baseball and basketball player in high school. Why did you choose football? My mother wanted me to go to college, and that was it. I really did want to play baseball. My mother and father were

When an undrafted 5-foot-7 wide receiver still finds a way to become a starter in the NFL, he can’t let bigger, stronger guys keep him down. He also can’t let the word “no” defeat him either. Despite being told “no”

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Nate Ebner knew he had a difficult choice. As a safety and special teams player for the New England Patriots, Ebner’s fearlessness and commitment were rewarded this past offseason with a two-year, $2.4 million contract. But when he learned that

Photographs by Chad Griffith As a punter for a New York Giants Super Bowl championship team, Steve Weatherford achieved the fame he always dreamed of growing up on a farm in Indiana. Weighing just 108 pounds in high school, Weatherford’s dream

The pro football world congregated in Chicago prior to the NFL Draft for Athletes Quarterly's annual Welcome to Pro Football party. AQ, in conjunction with Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment, Martell Cognac and Rock Avenue Bow Ties hosted this

How small is Crawford, Mississippi, the town where you grew up? Crawford is so small that if you blink, you’re going to miss it! (laughs) It’s got a population of about 2,000 people. It’s a very nice place with good people—country