Deborah McFadden had no idea that when she adopted her daughter Tatyana from a Russian orphanage that she would grow up to become an elite athlete. Tatyana McFadden was born with spinal bifida, a congenital disability that had paralyzed her

Whether it was being a cook, washing dishes, doing construction or cement work, Neeco Macias was never afraid of hard work. “I always had multiple jobs,” the 27-year-old super welterweight from Lancaster, California says, “but living paycheck to paycheck wasn’t

Featured Photo by WSL/ Roland. US Open of Surfing 2018 (7/28-8/5) Splitting her childhood between Southern California and Hawaii, some might say that Sage Erickson was born to surf. But being a female in a once male dominated sport is no

Photographs by Chad Griffith Styling by Marisa Ellison Cody Garbrandt has been a fighter all his life. Not in the metaphorical sense. In the actual, ‘I’m going to hit you and you’re going to hit me until one of us gives up’

Photographs by Mark Peterson Special thanks to Church Street Boxing Gym   “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” – Alexander Pope The last time Jared Gordon died was on Christmas Day of 2015. After his heart was restarted by an Emergency Medical

Photos by Robert Beck  When you consider how many millions of kids compete in sports in the United States, it would seem like better odds to win the lottery than to compete at an elite level. Chase Budinger has taken those

Photos by Paul Nelson The Moab 240 is more than just an endurance race. It’s a test of how far the human mind can push the body through unconscionable pain. The 238.3 mile course winds through desert, canyons, up and down

Photographs by Anthony Geathers NFL scouts can be a very jaded bunch. Just listen to the coverage of the NFL draft each year, and you will hear talk of offensive linemen with “short arms” and running backs with “high pad levels.”

Photographs by Jeffrey Kubu SportsPlus Photography   As a midfielder for the Orlando Pride of the National Women’s Soccer League, Kristen Edmonds has played the best soccer of her professional career. Her play in the midfield has even earned her a call